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Unstuffed dog toys

Flat and fabulous dog toys

Unstuffed dog toys will delight all dogs, but they are especially great for those who normally make a mess pulling out fibre filling from traditional plush dog toys. Made from finest quality materials, these fun unstuffed dog toys are good for encouraging interactive play of fetch, chase or tugging and ideal for preventing unwanted chewing, putting the main focus on more natural play. Because there’s no filling to be pulled out, they’ll last longer too. The majority of these toys also come with an internal squeaker – some have several!

Top quality – naturally

All the unstuffed dog toys we offer are made using premium quality materials, manufactured to the highest standards which makes them more durable. Many of the toys are made from fabrics produced from recycled materials such as those available in the Beco range. Different textured fabrics also add an extra dimension of interest for your dog when they play with them. All machine washable, the unstuffed toys available from The Natural Pet Store are really easy to keep clean.