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Dental Dog Chews

Delicious treats and entertaining toys to aid dental health

Chosen carefully, many of the larger dental dog chews we have at The Natural Pet Store are great for helping to improve your dog’s dental health. Chewing on a firm dog treat will remove plaque and tartar, and the best bit is that your dog will have great fun doing it. The larger size items make for a lasting chew, keeping your dog entertained for longer, and therefore cleaning their teeth for longer too!  It’s a win-win situation for all!

Good for teeth with no artificial ingredients.

Aside from actually cleaning your dog’s teeth with a toothbrush, edible chews with shaped edges and textures offer one of the best ways to remove plaque and tartar, but certain dog toys too, can help to improve dental health. For example, a 100% cotton rope toy will provide a rough texture to lift plaque away whilst your pet is tugging and chewing on it. A textured rubber or hard nylon chew toy will have the same effect. Even plush toys with extra textures and features such as rope legs will benefit your dog’s teeth. We have lots of suitable toys in our Natural Dog Toys Section, all natural and eco-friendly, of course!

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Lamb Trotter Wrapped 500x500 1

Anco Naturals – Lamb Trotter Wrapped In Biltong – Loose

£1.99 or subscribe and save 5%
13275 500x500 1

Anco Naturals Buffalo Braid – Loose

£1.29 or subscribe and save 5%
anco naturals bully tendons

Anco Naturals Bully Paddywack

£3.99 or subscribe and save 5%
13259 500x500 1

Anco Naturals Camel Braids – Loose

£1.39 or subscribe and save 5%
13257 500x500 1

Anco Naturals Goat Braid – Loose

£0.79 or subscribe and save 5%
13258 500x500 1

Anco Naturals Lamb Braid – Loose

£0.79 or subscribe and save 5%

Antos Split Antler

benevo pawtato sticks blueberry 120g 01 500 o 500x500 1

Benevo Pawtato Blueberry Sticks, Vegan Dog Treats 120g

£1.99 or subscribe and save 5%
benevo pawtato tubes with mint parsley root vegan dog chew dog treats benevos 783816 500x500

Benevo Pawtato Mint & Parsley Tubes, Vegan Dog Treats

500793011 500793011 0 1575019106000 1280x1280

Benevo Pawtato Small Purple Knots Vegan Dog Chew

£2.79 or subscribe and save 5%
31584 79340 27703.1618679461

Buffalo Jerky

tails display 1410x1076 crop center 93378.1608407365

Buffalo Tails

£3.99 or subscribe and save 5%

Buffalo Tripe Sticks – 250g

29383 26765.1627033765

Earth Animal No Hide Salmon Chew

£3.99 or subscribe and save 5%
261909 EA SML BULK BEEF 1 fb00df6e c7c1 4ead bfed 8a583fabcc4a 500x500

Earth Animal No-Hide – Beef

£3.99 or subscribe and save 5%
Earth Animal No Hide Small Loose Peanut Butter 3 500x500

Earth Animal No-Hide Peanut Butter Chew Small

£3.99 or subscribe and save 5%