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Natural Dog Training Treats

The best natural dog training treats bar none!

Imagine rewarding your dog with the best training treats money can buy. Well, now you can!  All our treats are made from top quality ingredients, from 100% meat treats to wholesome vegetarian options. Carefully prepared using methods that preserve all the goodness and flavour, for example by air or freeze drying, ensuring that your dog really will benefit both mentally and physically from their training sessions.

A wide selection of natural dog training treats

We’ve a large range of tempting natural training treats for you to choose from. High in nutritional value and rich in vitamins and minerals, our treats are so delicious they’ll have your dog eagerly coming back for more, time after time! For other dog treats offering more specific health benefits, take a look in our Healthcare Dog Treats Section.

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087An AndyBagOfAnchoviesM 500x500 720x

An Andy’ Bag of Anchovies

£2.99 or subscribe and save 5%
Hairy Rabbit Ears 100g 500x500 1

Anco Naturals Hairy Rabbit Ears

£4.39 or subscribe and save 5%

Anco Naturals Porky Bites 250g

£3.39 or subscribe and save 5%
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Arden Grange Tasty Liver Treats for Cats and Dogs, 75 g

£2.99 or subscribe and save 5%
benevo pawtato sticks blueberry 120g 01 500 o 500x500 1

Benevo Pawtato Blueberry Sticks, Vegan Dog Treats 120g

benevo pawtato tubes with mint parsley root vegan dog chew dog treats benevos 783816 500x500

Benevo Pawtato Mint & Parsley Tubes, Vegan Dog Treats

pawtato ocean treats small 140g 01 500 o 500x500 1

Benevo Pawtato Ocean Treats – 140g

£3.29 or subscribe and save 5%
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Benevo Pawtato Small Purple Knots Vegan Dog Chew

benevo pawtato tubes with turmeric chicory root vegan dog chew dog treats benevos 669471 500x500

​Benevo Pawtato Turmeric & Chicory Root Tubes Dog Treats – 90g

ears display 1410x1076 crop center 56658.1608404487

Buffalo Ears – 4pk


Buffalo Tripe Sticks – 250g

Chicken Breast Jerky 100g

Chicken Breast Jerky

£3.99 or subscribe and save 5%
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Crave Natural Grain Free Protein Chunks Chicken Treats 55g

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Crave Protein Strips with Duck

SalmonParsleyVisualIngredient 662x1024 1

Dog Gone Fishin Bakes Salmon and Parsley 75gm


Dog Gone Fishin Red Fish with Glucosamine Crunchies