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Natural Puppy Treats

Natural puppy treats for the best start in life

Our natural puppy treats are a great way to reward positive behaviour in puppies. When using treats to train a puppy, it’s important to make sure they’re small enough to fit in the palm of your hand so that they don’t distract your pup. Training sessions are more effective if they’re kept short in the early stages – little and often is the key. If your puppy is at the teething stage, then a bigger treat will be satisfyingly chewy. We have a delicious selection of treats large and small for even the fussiest pups, everything from cow ears and venison strips to smaller training treats. We bet they won’t be able to resist!

Natural puppy treats – wholesome and healthy

Here at The Natural Pet Store, we firmly believe that any treat should be natural too, and that’s why none of our delicious and nutritious natural puppy treats contain any added nasties. From training treats to long-lasting chews, your dog’s health and well-being is always our top priority.  As well as using edible rewards for training and for rewarding good behaviour, dog toys can also be used very effectively to achieve the same results and will add extra fun whilst your pup is learning. Why not head over to our Natural Dog Toy Section to see what we have to offer?