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Cooling Dog Products

Keeping your dog cool and calm in the heat or after exercise is easy with our range of fabulous dog cooling products!

If temperatures start to soar, our dogs can easily become overheated and dehydrated. Because they have far fewer sweat glands than we do, dogs have to regulate their body temperature by panting. When the weather’s really hot or they are recovering after strenuous exercise, any additional help they can get from us will help to cool them down more quickly.

Keeping canines cool

A simple and effective way to reduce your dog’s temperature is to use a dog cooling mat.

Easy to use, dog cooling mats and pads work by providing an area that is cooler than your dog’s body. The pad quickly absorbs the heat and then disperses it. Working through body contact, no water, electricity, or pre-cooling required and all easily wiped clean. Dog cooling mats come in a variety of sizes so you won’t have a problem finding the perfect one for your dog. Just make sure you choose a size large enough for your pet to stretch out on for maximum comfort! Cooling mats can be used indoors, outdoors, in the car – wherever you like, because there’s no water to make a mess.

Cooling toys

If your best friend loves toys then another great way to cool them down is by giving them a specially designed cooling dog toy. These can be frozen in the freezer or filled with deliciously icy cool water ready for when the heatwave strikes. Attractive to dogs and fun to play with, our simple but cleverly designed dog toys will cool and amuse your pet at the same time!

Any of these great dog cooling products are perfectly portable so can be used when travelling too.

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