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Danish Design Timothy the Natural Turtle 10”

Textured turtle dog toy.

Timothy the Natural Turtle is a luxury plush dog toy by Danish Design made using only natural fibres, making it equally great for your pet and for the environment. Measuring 10 inches, Timothy is perfect for all breeds of dogs and puppies. This cuddly turtle dog toy from quality brand Danish Design is perfect for keeping your dog entertained, made with super soft velvety fur to keep them company at night when settling down to sleep. Multi-textured with chewy rope legs, Timothy the turtle is sure to amuse your dog throughout the day as well!

Made from only the finest materials, using high quality natural hessian, cord rope and plush corduroy, this turtle dog toy features a textured turtle shell and a hidden squeaker to keep your dog interacting and entertained for hours. Perfect for all kinds of fun games, this fantastic toy will make the perfect companion for your dog!

Please note: This toy is not indestructible. Please make sure your dog is supervised when playing with this toy.

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