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Danish Design Rodney the Rabbit 16”

Versatile, top-quality bunny toy for dogs.

Made from premium quality ribbed plush fabric, with no filling, this cute bunny toy for dogs is instantly attractive. Rodney comes with an internal squeaker and has a crackly material inside which adds an extra dimension of entertainment for all sorts of games. Perfect for solo or interactive games, this bunny toy for dogs is great for all sizes of dog – even little dogs will enjoy the challenge of carrying it around and snuggling up to it in their bed. Rodney is a big lad, 16 inches tall, and is one of the Danish Design range of dog toys, so you can always be sure of top quality in both design and manufacture. A perfect addition to your dog’s toy box.

Please note: This toy is not indestructible. Please make sure your dog is supervised when playing with this toy.

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