Anco Naturals Venison Meaty Bites 85g

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Anco Naturals Venison Meaty Bites 85g

A delicious, healthy and 100% natural snack perfectly sized for feeding between meals or as a tasty reward, Anco Naturals Venison Meaty Bites is the perfect addition to a complete and balanced diet, thanks to its 100% natural meat-only formulation. Using hand-selected ingredients of the finest quality for delicious taste and high nutritional value, rich in vitamins and minerals to enhance your dog’s health and well-being. All the ingredients and products from the Naturals range are sourced and packaged in Europe.

Suitable for dogs of all sizes, Anco Naturals Venison Meaty Bites provides an irresistible, flavourful natural treat packed with goodness and beneficial nutrients. They are gluten and grain-free and are air-dried to lock in all that natural flavour and nutrition with nothing artificial added.

100% Deer Meat.

Nutritional Analysis:
Protein 69.1%, Fat 27.7%, Ash 2.6%.

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