Small Animal Tuff Tube by Ancol

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This Small Animal Tuff Tube by Ancol will provide smaller pets with an extra element of interest when placed in their home. The tough and flexible tube can be twisted and bent in any way you choose. It can be extended from 18cm right up to 75cm. You can vary it every single day if you like, so your pet will have a different daily challenge! How about hiding some treats inside it for your furry friend to discover? Or placing some bedding within for them to rearrange?

This Ancol Small Animal Tuff Tube is such a simple idea, but one that will keep your small pets happily occupied. Can be a welcome addition to homes of small animals such as hamsters, mice, gerbils and rats. These tubes are suitable for both indoor and out door use. Not only can they be used as a tube they can also be adapted as an alternative to steps, ladders or ramps in your pets home. Another benefit of these Tuff Tubes is they can be linked to make an even longer tube system!

These tubes can be washed and disinfected safely.

Add some other small animal toys such as the Small & Furry Lounging Logs, great for keeping their teeth in trim.

Ancol are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality pet products, and this Tuff Tube is no exception. Committed to reducing their packaging and using recycled and recyclable material, this toy comes with minimal, recyclable packaging.

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