JR Beef Air Pipe (Trachea) 200g

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Beef Trachea for Dogs 15cm 200g

JR’s beef trachea for dogs is a long-lasting chew that’s high in protein and low in fat. It’s also a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, which promote joint health.

Made from 100% beef trachea (air pipe), this easily digestible beef trachea for dogs is grain-free and gluten-free, and contains no additives or preservatives, making it ideal for dogs with allergies or dietary sensitivities. High in protein, low in fat and full of taste, JR’s beef trachea for dogs is a tasty and nutritious snack suitable for all dogs and puppies. Last but not least, the natural ridges on this beef trachea will help to clean your dog’s teeth and gums as they chew.

Always supervise your dog when they’re gnawing this beef trachea for dogs or any other type of chew, and provide fresh water.

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