House of Paws Crinkle Dog Toy

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Crinkle Noisy Paws Dog Fun Dog Toy

If your dog loves cuddly toys that look like them and you prefer them to have toys that don’t take up half the room, this fun dog toy is the answer! It’s a super soft plush dog that contains no stuffing, meaning it doesn’t take up too much space and making it perfect for aggressive chewers inclined to rip the covering of their cuddly toys and expose the upholstery fibres inside. What this Noisy Paws fun dog toy *does* have, though, is crinkle material inside, so that it makes an interesting noise your dog will love when they play with it.

Although it is fibre-stuffing free, this fun dog toy, like any other dog toy, should always be played with under your supervision, so that it can be removed if any part becomes detached.

Composition: 90% polyester, 10% plastic

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