Ergo Dog Tick Tool

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Ergo Dog Tick Tool

We all love to see our dogs enjoying themselves, running through long grass or deep forest undergrowth. Unfortunately, while they’re having fun they may also be acquiring some unwanted passengers: ticks! That’s why an efficient tick removal tool like the Ancol Ergo Dog Tick Tool is essential for dog owners.

Ticks are tiny blood-sucking parasites that are hard to spot when dehydrated. However, once they’re attached to your dog and have had their fill, they swell to around the size of a pea. You should check your dog regularly for ticks—particularly around the head and neck area where ticks love to attach themselves. Once you’ve spotted a tick, it’s important to remove it, as ticks can transmit serious diseases between the species they bite. Attempting to remove the ticks by hand often results in pulling off their body, leaving their mouth parts attached to your dog where they can often cause infection.

The Ergo Tick tool is easy and simple to use, and removes ticks quickly and painlessly. It also ensures the whole tick is removed, keeping your dog happy and healthy!

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