Farm Food Easy Chew Half Deer Antler For Dogs

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Farm Food Easy Chew Half Deer Antler for Dogs

Temptingly tasty Easy Chew Deer Antlers for Dogs

Channel your dog’s natural instincts onto one of these fabulous Farm Food Easy Antlers – they’re 100% natural and are shed annually by male Red Deer, so are cruelty free.

These Easy Antlers for Dogs from Farm Food, are carefully prepared in exactly the same as the Original Antlers, but with one important difference: they have been sawn lengthwise, making the marrow immediately available. This makes them perfect for introducing dogs to antlers as a satisfying chew.

These Farm Food Easy Antlers are also great for young dogs that are teething because they last longer than other chew products. They are also suited for dogs with allergies or a sensitive digestion, and even for dogs who are overweight because chewing antlers demands a lot of energy and decreases the appetite.

In the wild, wolves chew on the bones and skin of their prey, keeping their teeth naturally clean. In exactly the same way, chewing on an antler creates a sanding effect on a dog’s teeth, scraping away plaque and so aiding dental health.

Hard, long-lasting and non-splintering, you can be sure that these fabulous deer antlers will provide many hours of safe entertainment for your best friend.

100% red deer antler

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