Farm Food Fallow Antler Chew For Dogs

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Farm Food Fallow Antlers

Long-lasting fallow deer antler chew

These fabulous Fallow Deer Antlers from Farm Food are perfect to keep your dog enjoyably chewing away whilst cleaning their teeth at the same time!

Fallow deer antlers differ from Original Antlers, which come from red deer as they are a different shape, They’re flatter and thinner and have a larger surface area. This makes it easier for dogs to grip when they are chewing on them. They suit all dogs, but senior dogs and dogs that are less active chewers may find them easier to handle! The flavour is also slightly different, but still irresistible to canines, and we have them in a range of sizes to suit every dog.

These antlers are also strong and will provide your dog with hours of entertainment. The chewing action scrapes away plaque and tartar from the teeth and also releases endorphins in the brain, naturally promoting a feeling of relaxation and calmness in your pet.

100% Fallow Antlers and nothing else - the male fallow deer shed their antlers each year and these are gathered up and then prepared for your dog’s delight.

100% fallow deer antlers - small

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