Farm Foods Trainer Beef Heart Treats 90g

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Farm Food Trainer Beef Heart dog treats are organic and delicious rewarding treats for dogs.

We know from experience that when dogs are positively approached (during an exercise or training), they are motivated even more to do their best. With a tasty reward each dog works with more fun and attention. In the education or training of a puppy or an older dog, these Farm Food Trainer treats can be used as a tasty, but healthy reward, they can also be used as a natural way to make your dog happy.

Farm Food Trainers are not only extremely appetising for your dog, they are also healthy and free of additives. Farm Food Trainers are small, hard, very tasteful pieces of dried beef heart .

  • Ideal for training and rewards for both puppies as well as older dogs.
  • Have an irresistible natural scent and flavour to dogs.
  • Are produced without additives such as antioxidants, preservatives, colours, scent and flavours.
  • Are made of 100% pure beef heart and air dried, that will keep the natural scent and flavour of the meat optimally preserved.
  • Are gluten-free, easily digested and fit well as a tasty and healthy treat into each feeding schedule.
  • Are made of 100% pure meat and therefore very suitable for dogs, cats, rats and ferrets.


100% Pure bovine heart, without any additives. Produced in The Netherlands.

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