Fish Fingers by Goodchaps

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Buy more of the fish treats your dog loves with the Fish Fingers by Goodchaps. A tasty high-protein treat that has a crunch your dog will love, and they’re made from 100% fish. Packed with Omega 3 for a healthy heart, brain and joints these treats have been pressed into bars all for your dog to crunch and enjoy!

What is the benefit of omega-3?

1) Cell maintenance

  • Essential fatty acids provide the building blocks for cell maintenance.

2) Organ Health

  • Omega-3 supports kidney, eye, liver and heart health and as such has been shown to reduce arrhythmia and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

3) Healthy skin and Coat

  • Fish oils have immune-boosting properties that support your dog’s natural skin defences. Improving dry skin, dandruff and many other skin problems.
  • Essential fatty acids help ease skin irritation and itchiness from allergies.
  • Help to fight off skin infections and parasites it keeps their coat shiny and oh-so-cuddly.

4) Immune system

  • fish oils help to support the immune system.
  • Puppy, senior or a furry friend recovering from illness omega-3 can be even more important.

5) Joint care

  • Omega-3 oils improve activity and performance by making collagen and cartilage healthier for longer. This helps give your dog’s joints the shock absorbing properties they need.

With no additives, wheat or gluten, these hypoallergenic Fish Fingers by Goodchaps are suitable for dogs with sensitive digestions, dietary intolerance or allergies.

Did you know?

Goodchaps Fish Fingers use Eco-friendly packaging. Made in Britain from sustainably sourced fish. These dog treats are an environmentally responsible treat with very few food miles on the clock!

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Feeding and storage guidelines:

Feed as a treat/reward. May contain bones. Store in dry and ambient conditions.

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