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Pulley Rope

This handmade Pulley Rope dog toy is tough and durable, and ideal for throwing, catching and tug-of-war games! It’s also completely natural, made from 100% unbleached three strand cotton, and is fully recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. The card packaging is recyclable too, making this an environmentally-friendly dog toy.

Chew toys like the Pulley Rope are great for promoting good dental health by cleaning your dog’s teeth and gums as your dog gnaws and tugs on their toy. However, it’s recommended that your dog has no more than 15 minutes a day playing with a tough chew toy like the Pulley Rope. While it’s a tough, long-lasting toy, like all chew toys, it isn’t indestructible, so supervise your dog during playtime and remove the Pulley Rope if any part becomes damaged or detached.

Handmade in Britain, this is a great toy for dogs who love to chew!

SIZE: 120 x 440mm (as this product is handmade, dimensions may vary a little)

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