Goodchaps Pup's First Fetch & Tug

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Pup's First Fetch & Tug

Like human babies, puppies need to chew develop their jaw muscles and keep their teeth and gums in good condition. That’s why Goodchaps has designed this durable Pup’s First Fetch and Tug rope toy duo to be ideal for puppies.

The pack contains a rope loop attached to a ball-like tope knot, which can be thrown like a ball or chewed, a and a thick braided pulley rope ideal for tug-of-war games with your pup. These toys will clean your puppy’s teeth and gums naturally as they chew them.

The Fetch and Tug rope toy duo are handmade in Britain from biodegradable, compostable, recyclable unbleached cotton, and they’re packaged in recyclable card, making this toy not only a great choice for your puppy but for the environment too.

Always supervise your puppy when they are playing with chew toys. It’s recommended that you restrict their chewing time to 15 minutes per day, and you should always remove any toy if it becomes damaged or parts become loose.

SIZE: 90 x 250mm (As with all handmade products, proportions may vary slightly)

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