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Green & Wild's Chewroots Various Sizes

From the forest to your pet – Chewroots

A simple idea, but amazingly effective and totally irresistible to dogs, these Chewroots from Green & Wild’s are sustainable natural wood dog chew toys. Zero calories and no additives makes it the perfect treat for a dog that must weight watch or that has allergies. When you have been on a walk through a forest with your dog, you will definitely know how attracted they are to natural wood! Your fur baby will LOVE this chew as will you. Green & Wild's Chewroots do not splinter so there is no risk of the dreaded dash to the vets!

Because these Chewroots are carefully harvested by hand from tree roots and only carried out in protected areas there is no damage to the root systems of the trees. As such this ensures the long term well-being of the forests. It is only the tuber of the root which is harvested; this then sprouts again, making the process eco-sustainable. This process is strictly monitored so that only a certain number of roots a year are collected.

The resulting Chewroots are completely untreated, natural and durable. Extremely long-lasting, these Chewroots are guaranteed to satisfy even the most dedicated of chewers!

Make sure that the chew is large enough for your dog.

Take away if it becomes a choking hazard.

Your dog should be supervised whilst using their chewroot

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