Green & Wild's Fish Deli Cubes

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Green & Wild’s Fish Deli Cubes 75g

Fish Deli Cubes, the perfect seafood snack

Caught in British waters, these wholesome Green & Wild’s Fish Deli Cubes contain all the goodness of fish. Being naturally air-dried, all the nutrients are preserved, and the resulting cubes retain the skin with a crisp, rough texture - brilliant for helping remove plaque from your dog’s teeth. They’re very satisfyingly crunchy for canines too! Ocean fish contain high levels of beneficial omega 3 fatty acids, great for the skin and coat. It will also help tackle arthritis, aid eye and brain development and benefit the joints.

Made with 100% ocean whitefish and nothing else, you can be sure that your pet will be getting the very best nutrition that nature can offer. Easy to digest, these Green & Wild’s Fish Deli Cubes are suitable for all dogs from 3 months old.

Ingredients: 100% whitefish skins

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