Green & Wild's Salmon Skin Rolls

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Salmon Skin Rolls 50g

Sensationally tasty Salmon Skin Rolls

These naturally chewy Salmon Skin Rolls are full of healthy benefits for your dog. As an anytime snack or training reward, they are made completely with 100% salmon skins, there is nothing artificial added – no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Because they have been slowly air dried, Green & Wild’s Salmon Skin Rolls retain all the natural goodness contained in fish, not to mention the delicious rich flavour that will really tempt your dog.

Packed with proteins, oils and vitamins that will build and maintain good health, these Salmon Skin Rolls are high in Omega 3 and 6. These stimulate bone structure, benefits the skin and promotes a shiny, glossy coat, as well as benefitting the heart and blood vessels. Fish skin is low in fat too.

Canines of all sizes and lifestages will absolutely love these Salmon Skin Rolls treats, and they will be helping their own dental hygiene too, as the tough, crunchy skins scrape away plaque with every bite.


100% Salmon skins

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