Green & Wild's Super Salmon Oil

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Super Salmon Oil 250ml

Health boosting Super Salmon Oil

This superb top quality Super Salmon Oil for dogs is made from 100% sustainable Icelandic salmon, with absolutely nothing artificial added – nature’s best, pure and simple! Produced using the cold pressed method, which ensures that all the flavour, aroma and nutritional value stays intact, Green & Wild’s Super Salmon Oil is human grade A rated and packed with proteins, vitamins and rich in Omega 3. Omega 3 maintains healthy joints, stimulates growth of bone structure and helps to provide a beautiful glossy coat and healthy skin. The heart and blood vessels also benefit from the polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Gluten free and naturally hypo-allergenic, this Green & Wild’s Super Salmon Oil is easy to administer – simply add to a daily meal for a fabulously healthy boost!


100% cold pressed salmon oil

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