JR - Venison Lung Cubes 200g

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JR Pet Products Venison Lung Cubes 200g

JR Pet Products Venison Lung Cubes are nutritious, delicious and easily digestible dog treats made from a single, novel protein: venison. This makes them particularly suitable for dogs who have developed allergies or intolerances to other protein sources. Because they are all-natural, containing only venison, they’re also completely free of any artificial flavours, fillers, preservatives or colours. They are also naturally grain-free, gluten-free and hypoallergenic. So if your dog has any type of sensitivity, allergy or intolerance (aside from an issue with venison!), this is a super-suitable snack.

Suitable for all breeds and sizes. These are really nutritious natural dog treats. They are high in protein but low in fat, helping to prevent your pooch from piling on the pounds. They’re also crunchy and tasty, and will clean your dog’s teeth and gums naturally as they chew. This helps to promote good oral health. Rich in iron and Omega 3, which can help to maintain joint mobility, these deer lung cubes are a really healthy treat or training reward for your dog.


100% venison lung

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