JVP Iodised Condition Peks Small Birds

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JVP Iodised Condition Peks for Small Birds sold in singles

Iodised Condition Peks from Johnson’s Veterinary Products are a great complementary food or treat for your small feathered friend! Made with the specific needs of small birds in mind, these Peks are rich in the vitamins and minerals that your bird needs to stay in good health and great condition.

Natural, high quality ingredients such as mineral-rich kelp and yeast, a great source of B vitamins, have been used to make Iodised Condition Peks a tasty treat for your bird as well as a nutritious supplement to their standard diet, and they’re high in iodine and calcium.

To encourage the natural bird behaviours that keep your bird healthy and happy, Johnson’s Iodised Condition Peks are supplied with a handy hook attachment so that they can easily be suspended in your bird’s aviary.

Ingredients: calcium, yeast, kelp (seaweed) and selected grits.

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