K9 Connectables Starter Pack

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K9 Connectables Starter Pack

This K9 Connectables starter set is specially designed to provide mental stimulation for your dog as well as providing safe and fun entertainment which will last and last. Engaging and mentally challenging, this quality set of toys will initiate your dog’s natural instincts to hunt and work for their food. K9 Connectables are designed to be stuffed with tasty treats and connected together. The dog then has to use its brain to figure out how to get the rewards. This set comes in three parts, each one having different levels of difficulty, to ensure even the cleverest canines will be challenged! Freezing the toys can increase the difficulty even more.

These K9 Connectables toys satisfy on all levels: they can be broken apart, carried around, thrown about as well as delivering tasty rewards. They’ll teach your dog how to problem-solve and to choose appropriate chew items.

K9 Connectables Treats, made to fit perfectly into the toys, are also available to purchase.

Please note that it is advisable to supervise your dog when giving them any treat or chew.

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