KONG Classic Ball

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Size: Small
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The Kong Classic Ball is great fun as it is sturdy, strong and has an amazing bounce that will keep your dog happily entertained.

Made in the USA from high quality natural rubber, this vibrant red Kong Classic Ball is made to last. The high bounce will add extra excitement to fetch and throw games, and will provide plenty of exercise to keep your pet active and healthy. The solid rubber is puncture proof which means this great quality ball will be in your dog’s life for a very long time.

The regular use of Kong chew toys may improve your dog’s oral health and wellness. Whilst playing with the toy, the natural rubber helps promote clean teeth, help control plaque, and remove food particles.

Because this is made with toughened rubber to suit even the heavier chewers, this puncture-resistant play ball is guaranteed to keep their tails wagging. As such it will provide hours of endless entertainment for your pooch. Please ensure that when buying toys for your dog you pick one suitable for their preferences, chew habits and size. Remember no toy is indestructible.

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Please Note:

This toy is tough but not indestructible. Because of this make sure you dog supervise your furry friend when playing with this toy. Please remember to check your dogs toys regularly to ensure they have no damage. Therefore if damage is noticed then you should discarded the toy and replace with a new one.

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