KONG Rat Cat Toy

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This quality Kong Rat Cat Toy comes with a vial of quality North American catnip. Just the thing to entice and excite your feline friend! This attractive cuddly cat toy features a special compartment so that fresh catnip can be added again and again. Manufactured using the finest quality plush materials, it is made to last.

This irresistible, soft textured rat feels so great your cat will love playing with it and when the time comes for it to need a clean. This great toy can even be machine washed jut make sure that the catnip is removed from the pouch. This Kong Rat Cat Toy will satisfy your cat’s natural instincts to stalk, chase and pounce, and will keep them amused for many happy hours.

Look out for the other refillable catnip filled cat toys in this range.

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Please note: This toy is tough but not indestructible. Please make sure your cat is supervised when playing with this toy. If you notice the toy become damaged please dispose of.

To keep the catnip fresh it can be stored in the freezer between uses.

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