Kong Water Wubba Dog Toy Large

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Kong Wet Wubba Large

The perfect waterproof interactive toy

Kong Wet Wubba is the perfect toy for interactive play in water and even in the snow.

Covered with a brightly coloured neoprene material, normally used for making wetsuits, this top quality toy from the Kong Company, won’t get nasty and soggy during play. Based on the two ball shape unique to the rest of the Kong Wubba range, the design of this Wet Wubba toy ensures your dog can get a good grip even in the wet, while the wubba’s tail can work as an additional grip, flinger or teaser. Extremely well made to stringent standards as all Kong toys are, this entertaining throw, fetch and tug toy is durable and will provide hours of interactive fun.

The Kong Wet Wubba has been designed to float in water, and is fast to dry when playtime is over.

With a Kong Water Wubba, the games can continue, on land or in the water!

Large size: 14" x 3.5" x 3.5" (35.6 x 8.9 x 8.9cm)

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