LickiMat Buddy Original

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The LickiMat Buddy Original is suitable for cats and dogs of all ages and sizes. It’s microwave and freezer friendly. This makes it easy to serve up warm food for your pet on colder days and refreshing ice-cold treats when it’s hot or humid.

The non-slip base ensures the LickiMat Buddy Original won’t slide around as your pet works hard to lick every last morsel from it. The mat will not only enhance and entertain your fur baby but it will benefit their health as well. The action of repetitive licking releases calming endorphins and extra saliva. Increased saliva production is an advantage as this helps to keep your pet’s teeth, gums and tongue healthy and clean and their breath fresh. It also means that more digestive enzymes are released, helping your pet to digest their meal.

The raised crosses design of the LickiMat Buddy Original makes the Buddy ideal for serving semi-solids and thicker liquids like thick gravies, yogurts and peanut butter. Why not give one of our JR Pure Pates a go?

Made from non-toxic food grade TPR, the LickiMat Buddy Original is a durable feeder. Remember to supervise your pet when they begin to use it to ensure they don’t try to chew it. Always remove damaged feeders. For delicious recipes to use with your LickiMat, visit!

Size: 20 x 20 cm/ 8" x 8"

Supplied in orange/green/red

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