LickiMat Soother Original

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Made from food-grade TPR, the LickiMat Soother Original is freezer and microwave safe. It is perfect for serving up soft food and treats for your pet such as our Peamutt Butter . By spreading your fur babies favourite treat or food over the surface you are creating a fun and tasty game which will benefit their environment and health.

Licking food from the bumpy surface of the mat will provide interest for your pet, while repeated licking will release endorphins to help calm them. Prolonged licking also enhances their sense of taste and increases saliva production. This in turn releases helpful digestive enzymes and cleans their teeth, gums and tongue, freshening their breath. These are just some of the reasons why vets and animal experts recommend LickiMat products for your furry friends. Make over feeding a thing of the past by using the mat as a slow feeder for pets on wet or raw food. The anti-skid base ensures it will stay put while your pet tucks into their meal or treats.

Supervise your pet when you first introduce the LickiMat Soother Original, ensuring they don’t chew it, and remove it if it becomes damaged. Wash it by hand after every use in warm soapy water so its ready for their next tasty adventure!

The LickiMat Soother is a great boredom busting treat mat that is suitable for cats and dogs of all ages and sizes. Visit for great LickiMat recipes ideas!

Size: 20 x 20 cm/ 8" x 8"

Supplied in orange or green.

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