Lickimat Sprinkles - Turkey & Sweet Potato 150g

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Hand baked crushed biscuits . Ready to sprinkle.

Wheat free

No added salts, sugars and dyes.

Complimentary pet food for Dogs. Feed as a treat or reward. Serve 5g to 35g per day depending on breed, size and age. Not suitable for puppies under 8 weeks.


Turkey Sweet Potato - Rye flour, dried turkey, sweet potato, oils & fats, Minerals

How to use:

1. Wet the lickimat with waters or any other tasty liquid to create a damp surface.

2. Shake the sprinkles on to the damp lickimat surface- only a small amount needed

3. The sprinkles will stick to the corners of the mat keeping your pet entertained for up to 40 minutes.

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