LickiMat Wobble

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Colour: Green
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The LickiMat Wobble is your pet’s passport to more fun at food and treat time. Spread their favourite soft treats or delicious wet food over its textured surface. They will have so much fun with this product as it wobbles and rolls around keeping your fur babies amused as they work away on the yummy scrummy treats inside. This keeps them busy chasing and tracking down every last tasty morsel. Why not try it with our JR pate

Not only will it be entertaining it will help to enhance the environment they are in and benefit their health too! By stimulating their saliva production from repetitive licking an increase of digestive enzymes are released. This is a bonus for your pet’s dental health and digestion. Licking is soothing for our fur babies and enhances their sense of taste which in turn means they get the best from any treats you use.

Dogs and cats of all sizes and ages can enjoy the LickiMat Wobble. You can even put it in the freezer to make refreshing chilly treats for hot days! For recipe inspiration, head over to

Made from natural non-harmful rubber and being dishwasher safe it makes cleaning a doddle. Remember to supervise your pet the first few times using their mat to ensure they wont chew it.

Size: 8 x 16.5cm/3" x 6 1/2

Supplied in green, blue or orange

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