Mikki Easy Grooming Tick Picker

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Mikki Easy Grooming Tick Picker

The Mikki Easy Grooming Tick Picker is a simple yet effective took for removing ticks from your pet’s coat.

While ticks may only be small, they can cause big problems for your dog or other pets, causing infection and inflammation at the bite site and carrying serious diseases. It’s important to regularly check your dog for ticks, particularly if they’ve been playing or running in long grass or thick undergrowth. But removing ticks by hand is difficult and often unsafe, as it’s easy to remove the body of the tick and leave the mouthparts attached, where they can cause infection.

Developed in consultation with professional groomers, this handy tick remover is easy to use, safely and quickly removing the whole tick. Keep it to hand to ensure your dog doesn’t suffer unnecessarily due to tick bites and the illnesses they can cause.

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