Rosewood Naturals Nibble Woodroll-Carrot

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Boredom Breaker Naturals Carrot Nibble Woodroll

The Boredom Breaker Naturals Carrot Nibble Woodroll is a brilliant, multifunction gift for your rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, rat, mouse or gerbil! It’s made from a log that’s perfect for gnawing or scratching, helping your rabbit or rodent wear their teeth and nails down naturally rather than requiring an expensive visit to the vet.

Inside, there’s a delicious mix of carrot, red millet and yellow millet, providing a crunchy and delicious treat for your small pet. This mixture is completely natural, with no artificial additives, and provides plenty of the vitamins, minerals and fibre that your furry friend needs!

Both the log and its filling should provide long-lasting fun and tasty treat times for your pet, but the entertainment value of the Boredom Breaker Naturals Carrot Nibble Woodroll doesn’t end there. If your rodent is on the smaller side, once they’ve eaten the Woodroll’s delicious filling, they have a ready-made tunnel to hide in and run through!

A five-star product for the rabbit or rodent in your life!

Ingredients: wood, carrot, red & yellow millet, vegetable binders

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