Rosewood Naturals Parrot Woodroll

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Size: Single
Flavour: Caged Bird Treats
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Boredom Breaker Naturals Parrot Woodroll

Parrots and parakeets need mental stimulation and exercise to remain happy and healthy—but they also love treats! So why not combine the two and buy them Rosewood’s Naturals Parrot Woodroll from their Boredom Breaker range?

This swinging treat toy provides parakeets and parrots with a challenge. Whether you suspend it from the floor of their aviary or cage or choose to leave it on the floor to roll, they will have to compensate for its movement, just as they would have to do when foraging for food in the wild. The wooden log is edible but your bird will probably be more interested in working their way to its delicious filling, made of tasty nuts, carrot and coconut!

Boredom Breaker Naturals Parrot Woodroll is a 100% natural treat toy with no artificial additives on any kind. Metals clasps and a hanging chain are provided, but for safety, it’s recommended that these are removed and not use for powerful birds such as larger macaws and cockatoo.

Ingredients: carrot, peanuts, coconut, vegetable binder

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