Nature First Garden Villa

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The Nature First Garden Villa provides somewhere for your pet to play as well as giving them something to chew on. It’s especially designed to be destroyed – but your small pets will have lots of fun with it before they do! Perfect for all small rodents such as mice, hamsters and gerbils. The Nature First Garden Villa can be used for playing, hiding in and of course it can be chewed on as well. With your small animal chewing on this it will keep their teeth healthy and trim. It has a ramp at the front for scrambling over. It’s the perfect, 100% safe small toy to keep your pet mentally and physically occupied. You could hide some treats inside it for them to discover for added entertainment and pleasure.

Made from tough, safe cardboard this is a fun, multi-functional toy for small pets. We also stock the Nature First Country Cabin, why not treat your furry friend to both?

All small animals need stimulation, like things to chew on or play with. This plays a very important part in your pets development. So the more things you can do to stimulate them in that environment the more beneficial it will be to your pet.

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