Green & Wilds Salmon Bakes 150g

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These Green & Wilds Salmon Bakes are naturally good for your dogs health and they taste delicious too! Each bag has no hidden nasties as they are all baked without any artificial colours, flavours or bulkers. This means your dog can enjoy these yummy goodies which have been carefully baked here in Great Britain. Green & Wild’s believe in truly natural healthy chews and treats with ingredients you and your dog can trust. All ingredients used in these treats are responsibly and sustainably sourced.

To help give your pooches immune system a boost the sesame seeds found in these bakes naturally contain copper. This helps to make their red blood cells - which in turn keeps your dogs nerve cells and immune system healthy. Did you know that sesame seeds also help your dog form collagen? This is a key part of maintaining healthy bones and connective tissue!

Having natural rosemary in this recipe is believed to support and aid digestion. Plus it helps to deal with any bad breath issues your pooch may have.

These salmon bakes are also naturally rich in Omega 3 and 6. Therefore, they help to keep your dog’s skin and coat in great condition.

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Suitable for all dogs and puppies over 3 months old.

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