SnuffleKnot - The Original Dog Enrichment Toy

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Color: Purple
Sale price£20.99


  • Interactive Dog Toy: A new and unique dog toy and dog puzzle designed to give hours of fun. Your dog will love foraging for treats hidden in the knot and snuffle pockets. This portable dog product comes with instructions for 9 knot challenges of varying difficulty, and is suitable for small, medium and large dogs
  • Quality Material: The Original Snuffle Knot is a high quality, dog friendly, non-toxic, durable material, with secure stitching. It's dog stuff that you can trust
  • Dog Mental Stimulation: Reduce boredom, stress and anxiety. Increase dog enrichment, happiness and calmness. 10 minutes of sniffing for your dog is considered equal to 1 hour of running. A great dog birthday present, a puppy essential or a training tool. Has been proven to keep some dogs busy for up to 45 minutes!

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