The Innocent Hound Training Treats Tuna & Crab Treats

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The Innocent Hound Training Treats – Tuna & Crab 70g

The Innocent Hound Training Treats are ideal for dogs who prefer fish dishes. Or for those who can’t tolerate red meats or poultry. Or this would be appropriate for dogs who just like some variety in their diet. Made with 70% sustainably sourced, line-caught tasty tuna and tender British crab, these mini treats are high in protein but low in fat, making them great healthy training rewards or guilt-free treats! They’re also grain-free and hypoallergenic, making them a great choice for dogs with sensitive digestions, intolerances or allergies.

The ingredients are carefully and slowly air-dried to retain all their nutrients and flavour, making them as nutritious as they are delicious. Why not treat your dog to these premium, healthy treats next time they have a training session?


Tuna fillet (44%), British crab (26%), vegetable glycerine, sweet potato, minerals, parsley

The Three Rules of Treating Your Dog:

  1. Don’t overtreat. It feels like kindness, but it can be cruelty. Obesity makes your dog prone to numerous serious health conditions and puts strain on their joints. Treats should never account for more than 10% of your dog’s daily calories.
  2. Choose natural dog treats that will enhance and supplement your dog’s diet.
  3. If they don’t come in a resealable pouch or pot, store your dog’s treats in a sealable container to keep them fresh and full of flavour.

For more information on how to treat your dog please click here...

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