Tiny Friends Farm Gerty Guinea Pig Scrummies

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Tiny Friends Farm Gerty Guinea Pig Scrummies Apple Strawberry Apricot & Banana 120g

Gerty Guinea Pig Scrummies are tasty, fruity treats that your little friend will love. Suitable for rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, mice and rats.

These delicious treats come in four different shapes, colours (red, orange, green and yellow), and flavours: apple, strawberry, apricot and banana. Which one will your perfect pet like best?

Whichever one they choose, you will know they are having a really healthy treat. Gertys Scrummies are carefully baked at the Tiny Friends Farm in Suffolk using only natural ingredients. There are no artificial fillers, flavours, colours or preservatives; just healthy grains and fruits.

These healthy, fun treats are crunchy and delicious! They can be fed to your guinea pig or other small pet by hand or hidden for them to find, providing entertainment and letting them exhibit their natural foraging behaviour too.

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Ingredients: wheat flour, oatmeal, sugar, soya oil, whole wheat flour, strawberries (12% in red biscuits), apricots (12% in orange biscuits), flaked maize, apples (12% in green biscuits), bananas (12% in yellow biscuits)

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