Whimzees Rice Bone

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KWHZ211 Whimzees Rice Bone

A Whimzees rice bone is the ideal bone-shaped treat for your dog, whether they’re vegetarian or not! Containing rice, malt extract and yeast to provide your dog with the vitamins and minerals they need for good muscle tone, strong bones and a healthy coat and metabolism, Whimzees rice bones are a nutritious and healthy treat for your dog. The shape and texture of these rice bones will help to clean your dog’s teeth and gums naturally as they chew them, too, reducing the build-up of tartar and helping to prevent the development of plaque.

Whimzees rice bones are also gluten-free, easy to digest and made with no artificial additives, making them the ideal treat for dogs with gluten intolerance or a sensitive stomach.

Ingredients: Rice (50%), potato starch, glycerine, powdered cellulose, lecithin, yeast, malt extract, sweet lupine meal.

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