WildWash Pet Buzz Off Shampoo

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WildWash Pet Buzz Off Shampoo

Great-smelling anti-flea shampoo

A natural formula to help your pet feel better overall, the WildWash anti flea shampoo is effective, as well as great-smelling.

Using only plant-based ingredients and 100% natural essential oils peppermint and lavender, it is bound to be a winner with both you and your dog.

This anti flea shampoo contains no harmful chemicals, such as parabens, phosphates, sulphates, phthalates, petrochemicals and PEGs. Neither has it been tested on animals. And, in fact, all the ingredients used in it have been produced here in the UK.

This anti flea shampoo is so mild to your pet’s skin that bathing will become a pleasure – both for you and your dog.

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