Yora Pâté Beetroot & Swede Insect Protein Dog Food 390g

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These delicious cartons are packed with nutritious insects, wholesome vegetables, and of course amazing flavour. Not to mention Yora food is designed to be much better for the environment than traditional pet foods.

Yora try their very best to reduce their impact on the planet, so they use 100% sustainably sourced whole grubs from Holland. There are huge benefits to using grubs instead of meat, these wholesome insects require less energy, land and water to farm than traditional livestock.

Tasty and ethical, just what your dog ordered!

Black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) grubs have just the right nutritional profile of protein, fats and minerals to allow your dog to flourish. Yora’s clever chefs have carefully combined grubs with the best vegetables to excite your dog’s taste buds. In fact, Yora tested 29 different recipes until every bowl was licked clean by their discerning taste testers.

Yora Nutritious Insect food contains beetroot, which provides a great dose of Vitamin A and fibre with super digestible slow-release swede. The added prebiotics aid in supporting your dog’s digestive system and promote healthy stools.

Yora is the perfect choice for even the most sensitive of dogs, their grubs are palatable and easy to digest even for the most delicate tummies.


Freshly Prepared BSF Larvae 58%, Vegetable Stock, Beetroot 6%, Swede 6%, Pea Protein 3%, Brewer’s Yeast 1.5%, Minerals 0.2%, Prebiotic MOS (Yeasts 0.09%, Chicory 0.09%).

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