Zoflora Fresh Home Disinfectant

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Size: 500ml
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Zoflora Fresh Home Disinfectant - Green Valley

500 ml, Fruity-fresh scented, pet-friendly disinfectant

As pet owners ourselves, we at The Natural Pet Store love our pets dearly. Our homes just wouldn’t be the same without them. Yet as we also know, our cherished animals can sometimes be guilty of causing bad odours around the house. Using a tried and tested, pet friendly disinfectant like Zoflora, is the ideal way to safely and effectively maintain health and hygiene in the home. As well as keeping it smelling fresh, for all members of the family.

The fragrances in the Zoflora Fresh Home range have been specially formulated for pets. As such their sensitive sense of smell can better tolerated it. This Zoflora Fresh Home Green Valley Disinfectant 500ml has a delicious fragrance of wild flowers, green leaves and fresh apples – reminiscent of walking through a summer meadow!

Fully tested and safe for all your pets from dogs and cats, to small furies, birds and even ferrets. Zoflora Fresh Home Green Valley Disinfectant 500ml is great for use to clean bird homes, bedding, carpets, and pet carriers. It can be diluted, wiped on, sprayed, applied with a mop, etc Make sure you always follow the instructions for use and then you’ll be sure your pets and home are always safe, clean and smelling beautiful.

Zoflora is a concentrated disinfectant that can be used neat or diluted in water. 500ml of Zoflora makes almost 20L of full-strength disinfectant. Always ensure you follow the product guidance when using this product.

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