Beco Bags 270 Mint Scented Value Pack


Beco Bags 270 Mint Scented Value Pack

  • Eco-friendly dog poop bags
  • Recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging
  • Extra-large, super-strong 
  • Mint scented to mask odours
  • Great value 270-bag pack

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Beco Bags 270 Mint Scented Value Pack

Packaged in a recycled, recyclable carboard box and rolled on to 18 recycled, recyclable card cores, these poop bags are just part of Beco Pets’ wide range of eco-friendly pet products and foods.

The Beco Degradable Poop Bags 270 Mint Scented Value Pack is a really cost-effective way to buy these bags from a company that promises to care about the planet and your pets. Like all Beco poop bags, they are thick and strong with durable seams to prevent tears, and extra-large—so no matter how big your dog is, or how big their poop, these bags will be able to handle it! They’re also mint scented to mask any unpleasant odours, using peppermint oil from peppermint sustainably farmed in the UK. 

Degradable but not biodegradable, these bags are made from PET recycled plastic along with DW2, a degrading agent that ensures they break down within 2-5 years. However, providing you store them somewhere cool and dry, they won’t be degrading on you anytime soon, and their thickness and strength prevent tears and messy accidents!

Size: Bags, 22.5 x 33cm; Box, 10 x 12 x 12.5cm

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