Farm Food Antler Chew For Dogs


  • 100% natural
  • Shed annually by male Red Deer so are cruelty free
  • Strong, hard wearing and long lasting
  • A natural way to release calming endorphins


Farm Food Original Antlers

100% Natural Deer Antlers for Dogs

Dogs just love to chew! Channel their natural instincts onto one of these fabulous Farm Food Original Antlers – they’re 100% natural and are shed annually by male Red Deer, so are cruelty free.

In the wild, wolves chew on the bones and skin of their prey, keeping their teeth naturally clean. In exactly the same way, chewing on an antler creates a sanding effect on a dog’s teeth, scraping away plaque. Another beneficial effect the chewing action has is to release endorphins in the dog’s brain, providing a sense of calm, helping them to relax.

These Farm Food Original Antlers are strong, hard wearing and long-lasting. They’ll keep your dog occupied for ages, and we have a size to suit every dog, from large to small. The antlers are completely natural, collected once they have been shed from deer roaming free in European forests, then checked for quality and cut to size. Being a natural product, the antlers have a slightly earthy smell – very attractive to dogs – and they differ in colour, weight, shape and thickness. Treat your dogs to one of our 100% deer antlers for a top class chew!

100% red deer antler

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