Farm Food Trainers Pure Beef Heart Dog Treats 333g


  • 100% pure beef heart treats
  • Small, hard and flavoursome
  • Healthy and tasty

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Farm Food Trainers Pure Beef Heart Dog Treats 

Tasty & rewarding Trainers Pure Beef Heart Dog Treats

Small, but perfectly formed, these delicious Farm Food Trainers Pure Beef Heart Dog Treats will attract and keep the attention of your dog. Air dried to preserve all the natural scent and flavour of the meat, these treats will prove irresistible. They’re ideal to use as a reward in formal dog training sessions, as well as during canine sports like flyball, agility or tracking. Keep some in your pocket on a walk to keep your best friend’s attention, or use them to teach your puppy those very first commands and recalls that once learned, will stay with them for a lifetime.

Trainers Pure Beef Dog Treats are small, hard and very flavoursome pieces of 100% beef heart, pure and simple. They won’t crumble or become sticky in the pocket or training pouch and they’re small enough for you to carry plenty of them, so you won’t run out!

Healthy and tasty, so you can be sure your dog is getting the very best reward you can possibly give, with these Trainers Pure Beef Heart Dog Treats.

100% beef heart

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