Green & Wild’s Ox Jerky Chews

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Ox Jerky Chews 150g


Long-lasting Ox Jerky Chews

    • High protein
    • Low fat
    • Tough textured chew
    • Longer lasting
    • 100% ox tendon


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Ox Jerky Chews 150g

Long-lasting Ox Jerky Chews

For a more challenging type of treat, Ox jerky chews are 100% natural with a tough texture and rich flavour for a satisfying, longer chew. They make a great healthy snack for dogs of all ages and sizes, especially dogs who enjoy chewing and require longer-lasting chew treats.

Made from 100% ox tendons that have been naturally air dried to preserve all the nutrients and rich flavours, these delicious Ox Jerky Chews from Green & Wild’s contain absolutely no artificial ingredients, are low calorie and easily digested.

They’re also high in proteins which help muscle growth and bone structure, cartilage, skin, coat and blood.

Ingredients: 100% ox tendons

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Weight 150 g