dog with pumpkins

Pumpkins – the symbol of all that we love about Halloween. Days out at the patch pumpkin picking, carving funny/scary faces into them with the kids and decorating our homes to look wonderfully autumnal. That’s not all they’re good for though, they’re also great for your dog's health! 😁

It helps keep your dog regular and can aid weight loss

Pumpkin is high in fibre which is a great digestive aid. If your dog is suffering from diarrhoea, it can help solidify runny stools. It can also have the opposite effect, helping to move digestion along if your pup is bunged up.

Fibre is also naturally filling, so if your dog is on a diet, or is just always hungry (aren’t they all?), then pumpkin can make them feel fuller for longer.

It boosts their immune system

If you’re looking for a natural antioxidant, look no further than the mighty pumpkin! Containing Vitamin C, which we all know is great for our immune health, as well as Vitamins A and E, pumpkin can help to prevent various diseases and give your dog an all-round boost!

It’s perfect for a shiny coat, smooth skin and eye health

Vitamin A is great for your dog’s skin and coat, and of course pumpkin is packed pull of it! As well as making your dog’s coat shiny and lovely, it also has a high-water content which can help moisturise dry skin and prevent over-shedding.

If that isn’t enough, Vitamin A is also a main contributor to good eye health. As well as making sure your pooches vision remains 20/20, it can help prevent light damage.

It’s an anti-parasitic

Containing an amino acid called cucurbitin that is known to paralyse worms, pumpkin is a natural and effective way to prevent these nasty parasites from bothering your dog’s digestive system. It’s important that you still use your dogs regular worming treatment too though.

Our pupstomers favourite pumpkin treatos

With all of these amazing benefits, we always make sure to stock as many pumpkin goodies as we can in-store and online. Here’s our customers favourite pumpkin treats:

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