Dog with bowl of food

What is cold pressed dog food?

Cold pressed dog food is produced at lower temperatures than the most common method of making kibble, which is called extrusion and involves steam and much higher heat levels. Ingredients are mixed with cold water and then pressed to create the kibble shape.

What are the benefits of cold pressed food?

Although extrusion is the faster and more efficient way of producing large amounts of food in a shorter period, kibble created using the cold pressed method is healthier for your dog.

When sources of protein are exposed to heat their structure changes, making them less nutritious and harder for your dog to digest. Producing their food at a lower temperature means that the essential nutrients and vitamins within the ingredients are maintained and the end product is far more digestible.

Kibble made using extrusion tends to swell and bloat in your dogs stomach, whereas cold pressed foods breaks down quicker meaning that it can pass through the digestive system far more easily whilst slowly releasing the nutrients that have been saved by the cold pressing processed.

What cold pressed dog food would you recommend us switching to?

We would recommend Tribal dog food for several reasons. Firstly, it is the only cold pressed food made using fresh human grade meat instead of meat meal, which is a dried form of meat that includes bones and tendons deemed unsuitable to be consumed by us humans – and if you wouldn’t eat it, why should you feed it to your prized pooch? This also makes it a really good alternative to raw feeding.

Secondly, it is made from 100% natural ingredients that have been minimally processed to ensure maximum freshness and nutrition value. It is also grain free and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs or special requirements, and produced in the UK and Netherlands, sustainably sourced and created by a qualified chemist.

You won’t find Tribal on your supermarket shelves as the company is passionate about ensuring their product is stocked and sold by trusted and experienced providers who can truly give you the best advice. We are proud to be one of their stockists and you will find a wide range of Tribal complete dog foods, healthy treats and gourmet sausage to browse on our website and in our Yateley store.

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